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Schools hit the note with key sponsors


We have had lots of enquiries over the last few weeks from schools, colleges and other educational institutions with regards to buying a new piano, replacing their existing pianos or swapping their very tired digital pianos.  Pianos are fundamental in any classroom or music department whether it's for teaching theory, group singing or even piano lessons and recitals.  Many of the schools we supply also have grand pianos in their main hall or music department and the schools use the pianos during drama performances, concerts and recitals.  

How to fund the cost of your new school piano

We all know that school budgets are limited and sometimes it can seem almost impossible to think that you could replace your broken, tired old piano with a sparkly new one where all the notes work!  Well we have some great ideas to help raise the finances to get you there.

Sponsor a Piano Key

Sponsor a piano key

This scheme has been rather successful for many of the schools that we work with.  It is a very simple but effective scheme that breaks the cost of your new piano in bitesize chunks... Once you have decided on the piano(s) you would like to go for we take the cost of the piano and divide it into 88 (the number of notes on a piano).  The school then ask parents, teachers, local businesses and sponsors to donate and 'sponsor a key'.  

For example: You decide to buy a piano that costs £4,400. £4,400 divided by 88 is £50.  You would then ask for sponsors of £50.

Sponsor a Piano Key

There are many ways to promote this scheme.  The school can add the idea to the newsletter that is sent to parents asking them to help sponsor the piano and enhance their children's musical learning, you can approach local businesses that you may have worked with before in return for a mention or advert in your next concert.  We can also create you a donation page on our website where people can visit to track the progress of the scheme and even sponsor a key online.  

Once you have raised the balance we can arrange delivery and quite often it is great to hold a 'key signing ceremony' where you invite children, parents, teachers and sponsors to come and physically sign the key they have sponsored.  It is a great event that could finish with a performance on your new piano and is great at building community spirit.

Sponsor a Piano Key

Rent out your facility

Some of the schools we have supplied pianos to have sought the finance to purchase the piano with the agreement that they will raise the money afterwards.  For example the bursar will agree to lend you the money for the piano if you have created a 'business plan' where you can raise money through concerts and use the ticket money to pay back the 'loan'.  Many of the schools rent out their facilities outside of term time to amateur dramatics groups and local piano teachers looking to hold piano pupil concerts etc.  This is a good way of raising finances to fund the cost of the piano.

Spread the cost

Sponsor a Piano Key

We are very fortunate as one of the UK's largest piano dealers to be able to offer payment plans to help ease the financial burden of buying a new piano for educational purposes.  Depending on the piano and situation, here at Sheargolds we can sometimes offer the option of spreading the cost of your new piano over 12 months and sometimes more.  This makes it much easier to get the piano into your facility in the shortest timeframe so you can replace your 'broken' piano and carry on with your day to day tasks without the worry of whether the hammers will hold out on your old piano!  

If you are looking at purchasing a new piano, replacing your existing pianos or digital pianos or for more information on any of these schemes please call Steven Palmer on 01932 866577.