I can play any piano with a good tune

Piano Tuning, Re-Voicing and General Maintenance

To maintain the sound quality of your valuable piano, it should be regularly tuned and re-voiced. We have a computerised database to remind you when its time for tuning. When it comes to piano tuning it is important that you use a  qualified piano tuner/technician. We only use fully qualified piano tuners, which ensures not only that your piano is tuned to concert pitch, but that the tuning is stable. It can be very easy to learn to tune a piano, which can take only a matter of months, but tuning stability takes years and years of learning and practice. The difference in using a fully qualified tuner is that your piano tuning will last much longer.

To organise a piano tuning, or for more information regarding piano tuning please call Jill Sheargold at our Cobham Showroom on: 01932 866577. 

If you have bought a piano from us it is important to have your piano tuned every 6 months to maintain the guarantee. We suggest tuning your piano when the seasons change, so have your piano tuned a few weeks after you turn your heating off in the Spring and a few weeks after you turn your heating off in the Autumn/Winter

Piano Restoration and Repairs

Our fully trained team of tuners and technicians can help with all your requirements from minor repairs to major rebuilds or cabinet restoration, repolishing and polyester case repairs.

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