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Kawai launch new range of GX grand pianos


Kawai GX grand pianosI am writing from a hotel room in Frankfurt, Germany to fill you in on the new range of grand pianos launched by Kawai pianos this week at the Music Messe show in Frankfurt. We mentioned the Kawai GX grand pianos back in January following thr NAMM show in California but could not confirm any details... Well after a lovely evening of food, drink and of course entertainment we can now confirm more details on the fantastic new GX range of grand pianos.

The GX range will replace the already ready fantastic Kawai RX range of grand pianos and models will be replaced subsequently, the RX1 will become GX1, the RX2 will become GX2, RX3 will be GX3 and so on.

The main features if this new range of grand pianos are:

  • Thicker rim - the GX range of Kawai grand pianos features a much thicker rim than its predecessor meaning the piano has a fuller and more brilliant tone.
  • Slightly improved cabinet design
  • Most importantly is the touch - the GX grand pianos are the only pianos to have a key length similar to a concert grand... They have extended the length of the key overall, which means the pivot point of the key is further back allowing for much more dynamic control. 
After hearing the range of Kawai GX grand pianos both at the show and at the Kawai event we are very excited to present them to you.  We will see the GX models in the shop over e course of the next few weeks and months and encourage you to pop into the showroom to see, hear and feel these fantastic grand pianos for yourself.  For more information on the Kawai GX grand piano please call us on 01932 866577.