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  • Kawai CL36 Digital Piano
  • Kawai CL36 Digital Piano in Black
  • Kawai CL36 Digital Piano in White

Kawai CL36 Digital Piano

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Product Description

Used Slimline, Compact Digital Piano

The Kawai CL36 is one of the smallest full-size digital pianos on the market.  The main difference with this model is how compact and slimline the cabinet it.  At just 29.5cm deep and 137cm wide the CL36 still has 88 weighted, touch sensitive keys like its larger alternatives.  As well as being such a compact digital piano it is also fairly lightweight in comparison to other models, weighing in at just 36.5kg.  This makes it an ideal piano to live upstairs in a bedroom or be tucked away neatly in an alcove or under the stairs.

Small but Feature Rich Kawai Digital Piano

Don't let the compact size of the Kawai CL36 put you off; it is packed with great features making learning easier and more enjoyable:

  • Kawai's Responsive Hammer Action Keyboard giving a realistic weighting to the keys ensuring it feels as close to a real, acoustic piano as possible - ideal when learning on a real piano
  • Ivory touch key surfaces offering a 'satin' feel to the keys meaning the player has more control as the keys absorb moisture from your hands so you do not slip.
  • Recording functionality allowing you to record your playing and play it back.  This is a great function if you are learning a new piece as you can record one hand and play it back whilst practicing the other hand.
  • 3 Fixed Pedals - most slimline digital pianos will have a sustain pedal on a cable whereas the Kawai CL36 has 3 pedals built into the cabinet that are positioned in the same place as they would be on a real piano.

Play silently through headphones

The Kawai CL36 has 2 headphone sockets allowing you to practice your piano playing silently through headphones.  With our bundle deal we also include a set of headphones to get you started.  This means you can practice any time of day or night, and particularly practical when the piano is in a communal room or area with multiple uses at the same time.  For example, if the piano is located in the living room and somebody wishes to watch television, by plugging in the headphones you can practice at the same time.

Different Instruments on the CL36

The main piano sound on the Kawai CL36 is sampled from Kawai's flagship 9ft Concert EX Grand Piano.  Each note has been carefully recorded up to 128 times at different volumes to give a very precise replication of the original piano sound.  When you play quietly the softer recordings of each note are sounded whereas when you play louder the brighter tones are sounded, just like they would do on a real, acoustic piano.  In addition to the fantastic piano sound, the CL36 also has 14 other sounds including other piano samples, Electric Piano, Jazz Organ, Church Organ, Strings, Vibraphone & Harpsichord.

Kawai CL36 Digital Piano in WhiteKawai CL36 Digital Piano in BlackThere are 2 finishes available on the Kawai CL36:

  • Kawai CL36B in Black Satin
  • Kawai CL36W in White Satin

Kawai CL36 Dimensions & User Manual

The Kawai CL36 measurements are (cm): 136.8(w) x 29.5(d) x 76.6(h)

Click here to view the Kawai CL36 Digital Piano User Manual.


Bundle Information

You can buy the CL36 digital piano on its own or choose from one of the bundle offers below.

Bundle Option 1

Option 1 includes a box stool with storage (normally £100) and a set of headphones (normally £19.95) for +£40

Bundle Option 2

Option 2 includes an adjustable stool (normally £200) and a set of headphones (normally £19.95) for +£139

Ordering & Delivery Information

Please note: unless you are local we use a courier service for digital piano deliveries. The courier will deliver to your doorstep only and won't move items into your house or up stairs. If you are unsure about whether you will be able to receive your piano in this way, we advise that you call us before ordering on 01932 866577.

Buying the Kawai CL36 from Sheargolds is simple and what's great is you get the same fantastic price in-store as you do online.  If you are a local customer we can build your piano for you and deliver it in our own delivery van with a timed delivery on an agreed day for just an extra £60.  This price is reflected on our price tickets in-store.  If you'd prefer to have the piano boxed and delivered by a courier for our online price, no problem!  Just mention when you order your Kawai CL36 in the shop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is the Kawai CL36 so much more than a keyboard?

A: The CL36 is not a keyboard, it is a digital piano and that is the fundamental difference.  This piano has 88 weighted, touch-sensitive keys like a real, acoustic piano.  This is a huge difference in comparison to a keyboard that is usually shorter in length (not as many keys) and generally has no weight to the keys.  If there is no weight then you cannot build strength or technique in your playing.  The CL36 is also built into a proper wooden cabinet whereas most keyboards are usually in a plastic casing and usually need to be placed onto an X-frame keyboard stand.  The Kawai CL36 also has 3 fixed pedals like a real piano unlike a keyboard, which will have 1 pedal on a cable (if any pedals at all!).  The CL36 also has 2 x 15watt speakers offering a very full, rich sound aided by the complex piano sound that has been used.  You will find that keyboards generally have a smaller speaker and much lower output so the sound is usually very thin and 'tinny'.


Q: How easy is it to assemble a Kawai CL36?

A: Perhaps one of the easiest models to assemble, the Kawai CL36 has 5 parts to put together.  The pedal board, the 2 sides, a back brace and the keyboard unit.  There are 4 screws on either side and 6 screws underneath to attached the pedal unit.  We would estimate you would have the piano ready to play in around 15 minutes.

Warranty Information

The Kawai CL36 comes with a 5 year warranty

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