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How often should I tune my piano?

When and How Often should I have my piano tuned?

Have your piano tuned as often as you feel necessary, but a minimum of every 6 months is the rule of thumb.

Generally speaking, when you turn off your heating in the spring and when you turn it on again in the Autumn you will not be far away from needing your piano tuned.  Pianos under 'industry standards' should be tuned twice a year.  We allow pianos to go up to 6 months between a tuning under the terms of our guarantees.
How often you have your piano tuned depends entirely on the individual piano.  How often is it played?  Where is situated?  Is it in a conservatory?  Or a room where the temperature fluctuates regularly?
All these factors play a part on the tuning of a piano.  More modern pianos can withstand tempertature fluctuations a lot better than older pianos. 
A professional pianist playing their piano for 6 hours a day will require more regular tuning than other pianos, sometimes 4 times a year.