Yamaha SC Silent Piano Control Unit

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Q: My daughter is 7 and has just started piano lessons at school – I have no idea at this stage if she will stick with it but seems keen at the moment – I would like to buy her an entry level keyboard for Christmas but don’t have a huge budget – are you able to advise? Anna Davies

A: Hi Anna, if your daughter is starting piano lessons then she will really need either a real acoustic piano or a digital piano and not a keyboard.  The difference being that digital pianos have 88 notes (like a real piano) and are weighted (instead of being sprung like a keyboard).  This gives the best chance of learning as your daughter will be practicing on a piano that is much closer to piano she is learning on at school.  There are a number of options when starting, you can hire a real piano from us or go for a starter digital piano.  These offer great value and generally will last up to around grade 5 until you ‘grow out’ of it.  Instead of having to pay for the entire piano upfront you can also spread the cost interest free over 9 months with the Take It Away Scheme.  Hopefully this helps. 

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