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Have your piano tuned regularly; At least every 6 months minimum. Have a full regulation done every 2 to […]
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It is a fact that a piano will go out of tune whether it is played […]
Kawai GL-30ATX4 5'5" grand piano
Concert pitch A440 (A above middle C vibrating at 440 times per second) has been universally […]
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The inner playing mechanism, called the “action” of a piano, is an amazingly complex and sensitive […]
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Every piano has its own distinct sound or “voice”. In many ways, that’s how it was […]
Yamaha SC Silent Piano Control Unit
If you have a question about digital pianos send an email to You’ll also find previously […]
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Thinking of a grand piano but not sure if it will fit?  Ask us about our grand […]
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If you are looking to sell your second hand piano and think we may be interested […]