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Piano Flooding Help

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If your piano has been affected by the recent flooding then we offer a wide range of solutions to try and help.

We know how terrible it can be for any possessions to get damaged in any way.  The recent flooding in the UK has caused tremendous damage and upset to many families.  Pianos are large items of furniture and can be extremely valuable in both cost and sentiment.

Here at Sheargolds, we have decades of experience with regards to damage to pianos and can help in many ways.

We offer:

  • Piano removals services which can include transporting your piano to a loss adjuster or to another house or into our storage facilities
  • Piano storage - if you are worried that your house may become flooded we offer piano storage and can look after your piano until you are happy the dangers have subsided.
  • Piano repairs including flood & water damage, restoration, rebuilding and maintenance
  • Insurance Valuations & Claims - we deal regularly with insurance companies and loss adjusters in helping evaluate damage, removing pianos from affected areas, repair and/or replacement under insurance

We can undertake all of these services in many areas.  If there is damp in your house it can affect your piano.  If you are worried about the implications of the recent flooding, damp and water problems then give us a call on 01932 866577 to discuss how we can help you further.

Our reputation in piano repairs, restoration, piano removals and insurance claims is renowned throughout the piano industry.  Please get in touch for any more information.