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  • The Kawai KDP90 replaces the Kawai KDP80 Digital Piano

Kawai KDP90 Digital Piano

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Product Description

Digital Piano with Weighted Keys

The Kawai KDP90 digital piano is one of our most popular models for customers looking for a beginner digital piano.  It is a full size 88 note piano with weighted keys and packed with a wealth of features at a very affordable price.  The KDP90 is built into an attractive rosewood piano cabinet and comes complete with 3 pedals and sliding, closable lid.  Being built into a proper piano cabinet the KDP90 has a large speaker meaning the sound is very full and rich, aided by the resonance of the cabinet.

Kawai KDP90 Digital Piano Features

  • 88 weighted, touch sensitive keys - The KDP90 has the same number of notes as a real piano meaning you'll never run out of notes as you progress through your grades.
  • Fantastic Piano Sound - This digital piano's main piano sound comes from Kawai's 9ft EX Concert Grand piano.  Each note has been painstakingly recorded up to 128 times at different volumes offering an extremely realistic replication of a real, acoustic piano sound.
  • Recording Function - an extremely useful tool when learning the piano.  You can record one hand of your new piece and play it back whilst practising the other hand.
  • Built-in metronome - The KDP90 has an onboard metronome to help keep you in time when practising you scales or pieces.  You can change the tempo of the metronome to slow down when you are learning and speed up once you have mastered your new piece.


Kawai KDP90 Digital Piano Order & Delivery Information

The Kawai KDP90 digital piano includes free UK delivery via our courier network (usually TNT).  Once you place your order, subject to availability, delivery is usually within 3-5 working days.  We will contact you to arrange a convenient day for delivery so you know to expect it.  Please note the piano will arrive in 1 box (headphones inside) and the stool separately.  The courier will deliver between 8am - 6pm and deliver to your doorstep so please make sure you have arrangements to take the piano inside.  Some drivers will be happy to help you but please note that they are only contracted to deliver to a doorstep or gateway so please make arrangements just in case.

Buying the Kawai KDP90 online from Sheargolds is simple and what's great is you get the same fantastic price in-store as you do online.  If you are a local customer we can build your piano for you and deliver it in our own delivery van with a timed delivery on an agreed day for just an extra £60. If you'd prefer to have the piano boxed and delivered by a courier for our online price, no problem!  Just mention when you order your Kawai KDP90 in the shop.

Play Silently Though Headphones

The Kawai KDP90 has 2 headphone sockets allowing you to practice silently through headphones.  This is a great feature when you want to locate the piano in a communal room like a living room with multi-use.  You can play the KDP90 through headphones whilst someone else is watching television in the same room.  The second headphone socket allows for a second set of headphones to be plugged in so you an play duets or if a teacher comes round to teach.  As part of our bundle deal we also include a set of headphones for you to practice silently.

Different Sounds On The Kawai KDP90

As well as the fantastic piano sound on the KDP90 there are 14 other instrument sounds to make practice more fun.  These other instrument sounds include Electric Piano, Jazz Organ, Church Organ, Strings, Harpsichord and Vibraphone.  You can also layer 2 sounds together such as piano & strings to make learning even more exciting 


Kawai KDP90 Dimensions & User Manual

Kawai KDP90 Dimensions (cm): 136(w) x 40(d) x 85(h)

Click here to view the Kawai KDP90 User Manual.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Looking at the Kawai CL36 and KDP90 - what is the difference as they are similar in price?

A: The features of both instruments are exactly the same - they have the same number of sounds and recording facility, both have 3 pedals.  Where they differ is that the CL36 has a newer piano sample and action so in theory should be better; but the KDP90 has a larger speaker (same output just larger) so offers a fuller tone.  The KDP90 is also built into a cabinet with a lid so it's a tough choice. Most people we speak to tend to opt for the KDP90 as it offers a fuller sound with all the features of the CL36 but in a better cabinet with a lid.  The only time customers tend to choose the CL36 is when space is an issue as it is extremely compact.


Q: How easy is it to assemble a Kawai KDP90?

A: The KDP90 is quite easy to assemble - it's just worth noting that we recommend 2 people lift the top keyboard as it is quite heavy.  You'll probably have the piano fully assembled and ready to go in about 30 minutes.  There aren't hundreds of parts and you don't need to built it 'key-by-key'!  It's simply a case of assembling the stand and then fixing the keyboard section to the stand.

Warranty Information

Kawai Digital Pianos come with a 5 year warranty

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